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The Trustees of The New Castle Common
Incorporated 1764, New Castle, Delaware
Election of Trustees, Voting
The Trustees of The New Castle Common has thirteen elected Board members.  Board members serve for a term of 12 years. The Trustees are a separate entity from the The City of New Castle administration.  Trustee elections are held separately from City and General elections. To vote in a Trustee election, one must register specifically on a list of qualified voters maintained by the Trustees. A resident can register in person at the Trustee office, or by using the form available by clicking on the link below. Elections take place as Trustee terms expire, and will be announced here. The deadline to register to vote in the last Trustee election was September 11, 2017. The most recent Trustee election was held September 16, 2017.  Registration formClick here to open a PDF version of the registration form. For additional information call the Trustees office during our office hours at 302-322-2809. Current office hours (subject to change) are Monday-Thursday 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM.